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Reiki Treatment


LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Red light to stimulate collagen turnover and lift the skin, blue light to heal acne, acne rosacea and recent trauma. Studies show from organizations such as NASA has shown that LED light applied stimulates inter cellular communication for  skin cell turnover resulting in a lifted structure of the skin, whilst also helping to treat more problematic skins for a remarkable difference in healing.

20 min  $50

Only $35 with facial

Organic Sothys Facial

Organic Sothys  Facials

Delight your senses with beautiful aromas and exquisite massage in these two facial treatments:


Organic Sothys  bliss facial - exfoliation, pressure point facial massage, heavenly face, neck and shoulder massage, hand and foot reflex zones, hot towels. Using the active anti age organic Sothys products

75 min  $140

Essential oil pure indulgence - exfoliation, pressure point facial massage, divine face, neck and shoulder massage, head and scalp using pressure point zones, arm, hand. leg and reflex zones on feet massage, hot towels. Using the active anti -age  organic Sothys products

90 min  $160

Please note: all facials can have dermaplaning as the exfoliation at no extra charge.

Include eyebrow tidy with facial                         $10

Include eyebrow shape with facial                     $20

Include eyebrow tint and shape with facial      $30

Eye Treatments

Eye treatments

  Brow tidy                                                       15 minutes                           $20                  Book now

  Brow shape                                                   20 minutes                          $30                  Book now

  Brow tint                                                        15 minutes                          $20                   Book now

  Brow tint and shape                                     30 minutes                         $35                   Book now

  Eyelash tint brow tint and shape                45 minutes                         $50                   Book now

  Henna eyebrows                                          30 minutes                          $35                   Book now                    

  Henna eyebrows and tidy                           40 minutes                          $40                  Book now

  Henna eyebrows and shape                       45 minutes                           $50                  Book now

  Henna eyebrow shape and lash tint          60 Minutes                          $65                  Book now

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